Functional, Intuitive Web Design & Development


Coding Languages

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • PHP – Inermediate
  • JavaScript – Beginner
  • GSAP3
  • REACT – I am currently learning this



  • Photoshop
  • Inkscape
  • KonsoleH / Cpanel
  • Xampp
  • GIT / Github
  • Notepad ++  and Visual Studio
  • WordPress, WooCommerce
  • ACF, ACF Blocks
  • Gutenberg Blocks


  • Onboard SEO.
  • Graphical Editing of images.
  • SVGs, and creating flat logos into svg in Inkscape.
  • Design, UX and UI.
  • General Copywriting.
  • Working extensively with customers.
  • Project Management.
  • WordPress Plugin creation.

Wendy Janssen

Front end Web Developer

I am proficient in HTML and CSS. I use PHP extensively.  I built a WordPress classic base theme and upgrade it and use it for all my WordPress builds. I use WordPress Codex extensively. I create WordPress plugins with every project. I use ACF extensively. I create custom Gutenberg blocks with ACF. I have a keen interest in design, UI and UX and work toward good navigation. I have built my own onboard SEO into my base theme meta, tags, structure – all the right places and I get good results on Google.

I use Github for my own means and push to Github from my localhost. I use Visual Studio code as I am learning REACT.

I know the fundamentals of Javascript. I also work with databases and MySQL and have created pure PHP and database driven web apps in the past. I also use GSAP 3 and created my own mini plugin to handle animations on my WordPress website builds. I know how to work with various hosts and platforms.

I have been in the industry for over a decade and have alot of experience with projects, websites, troubleshooting and customers.


I am available for interviews and new work, please contact me.

If you are reading this on PDF, you can find a live, updated version of my CV on this link

A few Projects

Ultra Tri

I built a custom WordPress template based on ACF fields to create a website whose event dates can easily be edited by the owner.


I built this website using graphical designs that were given to me for the page layouts and built the WordPress website and required functionality. I was asked to use Elementor as the visual builder for the pages content, however, I did use custom code for some of the functionality.

One Source Supplies

I took over the eshop and made big design and theme changes so that it performs much better as an eshop and is well found on Google searches.

Jozini Municipality - Government website

I was contracted to build this government website. Special functionality was required to enable pdf uploads to link in the pages easily, and so I created a plugin so that they were able to do this.